Glacial Oceanic Clay - Powder

Glacial Oceanic Clay - Powder

Brand: Ironwood Clay Company
Product Code: CLAYPOWD
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Appearance: Aquamarine, grey, smooth, velvety clay with feint characteristic clay odour which has been dried and crushed without chemical process. Rich in minerals, the Clay draws moisture up from deep inner tissues to hydrate the face. Powerful anti-ageing with anti-inflammatory properties, the Clay cools and soothes the skin with each application

INCI Name: Sea Silt

Granularity: Between 0.020 to 512.100 um, 90% < 40 um with 95% sift through 300 mesh.
PH value: 6.5 - 7.8 when hydrated - water content 1-2%. Packed in 600g tubs. 10kg bags available on request.

Applications: Body care, cleansing cream, deodorant, hair care, mask (body, face and hair), sun protection products.

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