Bio Beeswax White 100% Pure

Bio Beeswax White 100% Pure

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This 100% pure Beeswax is obtained from the honey combs of the honey bees Apis Mellifera. Its is refined from crude beewax, obtained from organic honey production. Kahl is using exclusively crude beeswax from beekeepers which are certified by one int the EU registered or addmitted organisations. For organic honey production no akarizides nor antibiotics are permitted, therefore this wax is free from residues of these impurities.
Supplied in 20kg quantities only.
We do not supply this product in smaller quantities but in its original packaging so that the organic chain is not broken.

Appearance: Whitish pellets with a drop point: 62 - 65C.

Applications: Lip balm, lipsticks, mascara, cream, soaps.

INCI Name: Cera Alba


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